Hi ! I’m Alice

A & Co is headed up by Alice Judge-Talbot: a Happiness Advocate, Coach, Consultant, Writer, Speaker, Author, Mother and all-round doer (that’s me!).

A & Co is my home for everything to enable other people to get happier and more successful. I first had the idea of starting a space that existed solely to enhance other peoples’ happiness and success when I realised that’s what I’d spent the last six years of my life unofficially doing, and here I offer that fulfilment via daily spots of inspiration, coaching and online courses.

I’ve been through a lot in the last decade: a career in Marketing up to Director level, pregnancy, birth, post-natal depression, divorce and single parenting. I’ve gone from being on my own with a negative bank balance, debts and two small babies to starting and running a successful and award-winning six-figure consultancy business, to writing a self-help memoir that was published by Hodder & Stoughton and appearing in many media outlets talking about my journey from rock bottom to happiness. And I want to share everything I’ve learned on that journey with you, enabling you to find your own happy and success.

Read on to discover more about my journey, or click here to register for a discovery call to see how I can help you reach your full potential. For a list of current and upcoming courses or group coaching click here.


Alice, you are GOALS. Thank-you for helping me reach mine.

I’ve been following your work ever since I became a single mum and you have got me through some of the hardest times. I inhaled your book, it changed my life: you’re a wonderful inspiration and I love working with you

Having had more of my share fair of life and love failures Alice’s honesty and encouragement has really helped me turn this around. Keep up the amazing work!

A History of Alice Judge-Talbot

1999-2002: The Internet Years

A bored teenager, the internet appearing in our house in 1999 is revolutionary. I teach myself how to design websites from library books and become addicted to this new device they called ‘Web-logs’. Which are now known as blogs!

Working with a platform called ‘Greymatter‘ (the early version of WordPress) I pored my heart out online, musing on boys and music as if my heart and life depended on it. I designed layouts for my sites from ripped pages of Kerrang! and blurry photos I took at gigs. My love of the internethad been born.

2003-2005: Recruitment Consultancy, a Growth Experience

After one year of studying Sociology at The University of Nottingham I meet my ex-husband and decide education is doing nothing for me. Age 19 I work behind a bar until I get thoroughly bored of my hair smelling like cigarette smoke (this was the early noughties, after all) and find a job in Telesales. After nine months of wearing a headset I answer an ad in the paper and get a job doing the hardest thing on the planet, AKA Recruitment Consultancy, and try to view the next two years as a growth experience.

It doesn’t work. I am thrilled when I get poached as the Sales and Marketing Manager for a local telecoms firm and I introduce them to some new tools I’ve read about on Ask Jeeves: Social Media Marketing and eCRM. Revolutionary!

2005-2010: Working at VICE and Babies

My ex-husband gets a job in London and I follow him there (he knew I was moving too, don’t worry). After six months as an Email Marketing Executive working for a charity I shift focus slightly and get a job at Vice Magazine, working as the media company’s Digital Marketing Manager. In my time at VICE I take the website’s monthly visitors from 60k to over 1 million, launch several verticals and Social Media platforms and head up VICE TV, the business’s fledgling online TV channel. I get married and, at the age of 24, find out I’m pregnant with a baby (rather than… anything else). Not knowing any parents I freak out and start my blog, More Than Toast.


Baby Elfie is born six weeks after my ex-husband is made redundant. We move from London to Nottingham to save cash and after another six weeks, working around naps and baby play dates, I start my first Digital Marketing consulting business with EE’s (then Orange) sponsorship of Glastonbury my first project. We move to Buckinghamshire: when Elfie is 1.5 baby Huxley comes along and I am diagnosed with acute post-natal depression. Six months later my husband leaves me with nothing but £4k worth of debts and a small amount of monthly child support that won’t even cover the rent of our house. I freak out for a bit then get to work, accepting freelance Digital Marketing Strategy positions with IKEA and Penguin Random House. I continue to blog: I can’t afford therapy.

2015 - 2018: The Business and Book Years

Deciding I need a wider grasp on corporate business to drive my small start-up forward I accept a fixed-term contract as Team Manager of global ad agency BBH, rising to Team Director as the existing one leaves. I work on some amazing campaigns for brands such as Mentos, Lynx, Graco and Virgin Media. I launch the Social Media profiles for Gordon’s Gin to coincide with their Gordon The Boar Christmas advert. After I am made redundant due to a geographic re-location of my team I start work at Elliott’s agency as Marketing Director, leading campaigns for Cafe Rouge, Greene King and Chapel Down. I leave to continue my own Marketing Consultancy and quickly win two awards, one for leading the launch of Harper Lee’s  Go Set a Watchman (with Penguin Random House) and one for a Social Media and menu re-brand with Thaikhun, part of the Thai Leisure Group.

The blog becoming increasingly successful I add ‘accomplished speaker‘ to my resumé as well as ‘writer’, acquiring a column for the Telegraph and pieces in the mainstream press such as Stylist, Stella and Women’s Health. I get a book deal with Hodder & Stoughton and my first book, The Back Up Plan, is released (July 2018). I start teaching in-person courses on my experiences in Online Content, Digital Marketing and Blogging.

2019 Onwards: A & Co

The future is bright! Well actually, the future is kind of pink. Because why not, eh?!

Having spent a great deal of time over the last decade and a half either pretty unhappy or figuring out how not to be, alongside building a career in creative industries that are oftentimes pretty darn hard to get into, I realise the best consequence of what I’ve been doing these last few years is the connections. I like nothing more than to share learned experiences with someone else on a journey, to impart knowledge that I know may help them fulfil their own dreams in a similar way to how I’ve fulfilled my own. And so I decide to take what I’ve learned in my in-person mentoring to online courses and coaching… and that’s why you’re here.